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Pat Friend's Real

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Santa Margarita Ranch
House Chapel / Bunkhouse

Historical National Registry Site - Original 1860's Adobe


Image"Because of a wonderful and caring contractor, Pat Friend, our Chapel now gleams and is repaired. She is continuing her preservation and cleaning work in the Bunk House. Make sure to say "hi" if you see her"


Located on the Camp Pendleton Marine Base, the Ranch house Chapel and Bunkhouse have had their adobe walls and white was surfaces recently restored. Care and attention was given to keep all adobe and white wash materials to closely match the original adobe and white wash formulas and appearances.


Enclosed flyer indicates the satisfaction of the completed restoration.


If you have any questions or ideas for further development please call me at 760-742-1874. Please send me a hard copy of what this statement will look like on my web site.






Mission San Gabriel

National Registry Site - Built in 1771


Adobe Dreams provided Adobe mud to re-plaster the adobe walls. Original Formula White Wash was also provided to complete the Adobe restoration matching original white washed appearance.


Pat Friend working on the San Gabriel Mission Adobe Restoration

Team training was provided throughout the restoration to site artisans which assisted in the project.

 Please take a moment to review some additional photos taken during the restoration of San Gabriel Mission in the Los Angeles area. San Gabriel Misison Photos

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