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Adobe Earthen Products


Real Adobe Supplies for Adobe Wall Restoration


Adobe Earthen Pigment

This is a stucco/paint product. Most surfaces can be artistically enhanced by the rich earthen beauty of Adobe. The Adobe Earthen Pigment is prepared to be applied as a fine stucco coat to the house walls. The Adobe product can transform cement walls into an artful Adobe appearance. This Adobe product can also be applied to existing Adobe walls to resurface, make repairs and restore the beauty of Adobe walls.

$130.00 for 5 gallons

plus shipping.

Call for shipping rates.


Hans Sumpf Real Abode Brick - Limited Supply

Now Available - First come, First Served. Call for details


Original Formula White Wash

This is the White Wash Formula that was used as a final coat over natural Adobe walls of the Old California Ranchos and Missions of the 1860's era. This is a porous and compatible final coat for Adobe walls. The natural dynamics of an Adobe wall is the transfer heat and moisture.

$130.00 for 5 gallons

plus shipping.

Call for additional info (760) 742-1874.


Dynamic Unlimited Supply Real Handmade Adobe Bricks

Adobe bricks custom made to match size, shape, and color. Depending on size, up to 1 year lead time for sun drying of your stabilized brick order.

12"x4"x16"     12"x3"x12"     4"x1"x16"     12"x4"x16"

8"x4"x16"        4"x4"x16"     4"x4"x16"         etc.



Real Adobe Brick Veneer

NEW! Adobe Brick Veneer

These light-weight, inexpensive real Adobe bricks are made to use as a interior/exterior wall covering. Add the warmth of a real earthen product with these cost effective, easy to apply bricks measuring 4"x1"x16".  Additional wall support or footings are not necessary. All quantities welcomed. Additional project photos are available here.


Also available:
Adobe Mud Plaster. Adobe mud slurry, Adobe Brick Veneer.


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